know you | day five

Well, here I am, once again, at 11:58 PM writing my blog post. At least my excuse is legitimate! I’ve been scurrying around preparing for J’s 21st birthday (squeee!!!) on Thursday (which will be the highlight of that day’s post on the creative list)!

But I will now, dear reader, return to you my full and undivided attention while today’s list provides you with enough giggles to record your own laugh track album. (seriously you could make some bank in that business after this post.) Without further ado, the Giggle List-

know you | day five: the giggle list
These people record kids conversation after giving them a scenario, and then play the kids’ voices over the adults, acting out the scene. I die. Thought the wedding jitters episode would only be fitting.

face yoga. face. yoga. FACE. YOGA. (do people actually do this?) yup. If you’re really in the mood to laugh, try actually doing this with this lady. You can always skip to 1:15, but I think it’s funny just to hear them discussing this in all seriousness.

an adorable baby laughing at ripping paper. I. Cannot. Handle. This.

this lady sobs while describing her love for cats. For her Eharmony bio. I was actually crying by the end of this. Tears of hilarity.

Kristin Bell’s sloth meltdown on Ellen. Yes. It is as strange and humorous as it sounds.

this cat CANNOT believe he’s been selected for the giggle list.

watch this one at 2AM. I dare you.

and this would be for any Parks and Recreation fans who have time to waste.

There you are. Plenty of hilarity to go around. Do enjoy.
What’s your funny favorite? 🙂 Share so I can laugh, too!


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