know you | day four

Ah, the dream list. I’ve been waiting to reach you. Past the gaping hole of the fear list, through the smiles of the happy list, and here you are at last. 🙂
It’s always good to dream. I hate how it’s simply assumed that as one gets older, one’s dreams shrink smaller and less dream-y. I like my dreams larger than life and filled to the brim with hope and joy. Here, at long last, are mine.

day four | the dream list

1.) to get married to the most wonderful man in the world. (and be part of a ministry family)
I’ve always been a bit of a die-hard romantic, you see. I’ve greeted everything with wide eyes, open arms, and hopeful heart since I was very small. And of course I always dreamed about the day I’d meet him. You know the one. The guy who would understand the core of my being and woo me with carefully chosen words and his love of poetry, and of course Switchfoot.
And then I met him, and he hated Switchfoot and could care less about poetry and whose conversation topic of choice was “what’s your favorite color?”. And he loved Jesus and spoke truth always and read good books and guided others when there was no leader. And I fell so in love. And the dream is coming true ❤

joey and moriah


2.) to publish my own book
this is a dream that has come on and off of the back burner since I was in fifth grade. Sometimes I’d start a book, write a few chapters, decide I hated it, and toss the thing in the back of my closet, only to pull it out a year later and re-write half of it. I’ll do it someday, though. And it’s gonna be a good one.

3.) to do something. something big.
I don’t know what this is yet. Maybe I’ll start my own non profit that reaches kids on the other side of the world. Maybe I’ll speak at huge events about something that’s on my heart. Maybe this, maybe that. Whatever it is, it’ll happen. Someday. 🙂

4.) travel
I love new experiences. I love culture and color and new and different. I got to experience all of this when I traveled to India in 2011. I’d love to go back… Perhaps in ten years when my husband can come with me. Oh, but there’s so much more I’d love to see. Live in Toronto, see the landscapes of Ireland, visit IJM sites in Cambodia…

5.) turn my photography business into full-time work
what better fun than to play for work? Someday, when I’ve settled down and have the money to devote to promoting, this will become a reality.

There are a few of my dreams. What are yours? Make them BIG! Dream wild! Tell me what they are 🙂 And don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for day five | the giggle list- what makes you laugh? 🙂


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