know you | day two

Time for day two of my “know you” mini series!

yesterday I wrote about my happy list– just a few of the things (big and little!) which make my heart happy. You know… sweet tea, poetry, bubble wrap, and vinyl. The usual. 🙂

Today, it’s all about the things I’m passionate for- what wakes up my soul to move and stir the world for something beautiful and big. There should never be a moment where I am not moved and, in turn, moving others. Here’s my passion list:

day two | the passion list

IJM– The wonderful people at International Justice Mission work around the world freeing people from slavery and human sex trafficking. I’ve done some local US work with these incredible people through high school and college, and it was an unforgettable experience. Never want to become out of touch with what these people are doing. check out their amazing website.

My fiance- I think that’s fairly self-explanatory

Counseling- the degree I’m working toward is crisis counseling. I believe that truly good counseling can be used by God to save and redeem lives. And that there isn’t enough of it out there.

Helping teenagers to come to the place where material things no longer matter, and they realize their unique God-given potential to bask in the glory of God and live their lives for Him and Him alone. No better feeling in this world.

India- in 2011 I took a two and a half week trip to India. My life will never be the same. I miss my Indian brothers and sisters with all my heart.

we visited a school, and when we went to leave, this brave little guy had gathered his friends to block our way to our car. He said “Please, you will not leave us.” Broke my heart ❤

DSC_0304 (2)

hanging off the side of a train going upwards of 70mph




That’s what I’m passionate about. What about you?
Join me tomorrow for know you| day three, and the fears list. Not quite as fun? Yeah, but just as necessary.

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