know you- day one | the obligatory post about not-so-cliche self-discovery

I must apologize. In the event of my lack of techie-ness, I somehow neglected to post this two days ago, when I intended to. (eeee, how embarrassing!) Then, after making some careful and precious revisions and being ever-so-pleased with myself, Google failed me and shut down this page. (the outrage!) So please forgive my mistaken un-post and give this little creation a chance…

Perhaps it’s the fact that I’ve been getting closer to my wedding (just two weeks! eeeee!) or just the reality that I’ve been so wildly busy for the past three months that I haven’t had much me-time. Or maybe it’s the out of control hormones (I blame you, birth control). Whichever it is (or more likely, a combination of all of the above…) I knew it would be important to reconnect with myself and be rooted in who I am as an individual and as a follower of Jesus during my marriage, while I get lost in the starry eyes of my handsome, steady, thoughtful, violin-playing, strong (mushystuffmushystuffmushystuffmushystuffmushystuff) wonderful man. *swoon*
Joey violin4bwseriously. so darn handsome ^

Anyway, in all of this nonsense, I figured I better come up with a plan, or simply ditch the idea altogether (aka, I am a crazy human and will never accomplish anything unless it is written down.) And so, after some scribbles on the back of a Target receipt, and slightly more intelligible scribbles on some old note paper, and finally some more readable outlines on a computer screen, I created a series of 14 small activities (and of course lists, beloved lists), one for each day of my remaining single lady-ness, to help me reconnect with myself as an individual. Not as a wife (I went to pre-marital counselling for that), not as a bride (that’s what my five lace-clad girlies are for), not as someone’s other half (I’ve spent hours on my knees for that), but as a woman after God’s own heart- created as an individual, made to be a “little Christ”, a follower of the Son, as uniquely portraying a piece of God’s image as the stars or the sea.

day one | the happy list
In the business of everyday life (say nothing of planning a wedding, packing for a honeymoon, or moving out-of-state), it’s easy to push aside the happy lists in favor of the to-do’s and to-buy’s and to-cook’s. Well today, no longer. It’s time to take the time to grab that Chick fil A sweet iced tea with extra ice (addicted. big time.), to watch a full eight episodes of Parks and Recreation (just chillin’ with my bff, Leslie Knope), or write poetry in the sunshine. It only takes a minute or two to write, but you’ll be smiling all day long 🙂 Here is my happy list:

Sweet iced tea from Chick fil A with extra extra extra ice
My polaroid camera- a Christmas gift from the best fiance evaaa
brown nail polish from this rainbow of color
double chocolate from Dunkin Donuts
my high-waisted shorts made from 80’s mom jeans
writing poetry on the dock in the sunshine
bubble wrap
plotting little surprises- like J’s 21st birthday extravaganza (more on that next week!)
coffee out of this mug
getting hired to take pictures of pretty people and posting about it here
coconut scented shampoo
hearing the always handsome voice of Jon Foreman on vinyl
Parks and Recreation
Facebook quizzes- I take them, but I never post them because I’m a grown up
these playing cards

well, that’s my happy list! what’s on yours- what makes YOU happy? what are you doing with it today? 🙂 let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to check back tomorrow for day two | the passion list.

Also, next Thursday, I’ll be posting about how to throw the best 21st birthday extravaganza for an introvert, and on Friday, Jenny will make her second appearance in my Photo Friday post! Exciting things ahead that you won’t want to miss! YAY!

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